How to Tidy Up Your Cupboards (And Elevate Your Home)


Courtesy of Fantastic Frank

As much as Marie Kondo would like to believe we can live in a world sans hammer, step stool, or dustpan, the reality is that there are a handful of household basics we all need to keep at home. Think about it: You wouldn't want to get stuck sans flashlight in a power outage, and sometimes you really do need that extra extension cord for the latest gadget you just bought. For better or for worse, these essentials fill up our junk drawers, pantries, and the cupboards under our sinks. They spill over in the garage and in our closets—but what if there was a better way to tackle these house essentials we so badly need—even if only on occasion?

The Swedes—and Scandinavian real estate agents particularly—have understood this dilemma all too well and came up with an easy fix: Buy household items that are actually pretty to look at and display them proudly instead of tucking them away and stockpiling unsightly essentials. If you have a good-looking bottle of dishwashing liquid, you won't feel guilty about leaving it out near the sink—and if your feather duster is stylish, you can hang it on a coat rack instead of storing it away. This method of organizing is not only aesthetically pleasing, it's also more practical when everything is within reach and within sight. So throw out your old home essentials, and upgrade to these sleek alternatives.