3 Household Items That Expire Sooner Than You Think


Michael Wissing/StockFood

Milk, cheese, and other fridge-dwelling food items are stamped with expiration dates that, should you choose to ignore them, will make themselves known via smell. But your house is actually peppered with items that require regular replenishment—many of which are outside of the kitchen. Thanks to this handy graphic from Brightside, we're now aware of the many surprising household items that require a monthly or yearly upgrade. From knickknacks on your dresser to the staples in your pantry, your house is chock-full of items that can go bad. Here are a few of the most surprising:

Expires in: 2 months

Why: Hydrogen peroxide, the versatile topical antiseptic used to prevent infection in cuts, scrapes, and minor burns, actually turns into water just two months after opening. An unopened bottle should be thrown out after one year.

Expires in: 1–3 years

Why: Household kitchen spices, like cinnamoncumin, and basil, reportedly begin losing their luster after just one year—both in terms of taste and smell. Brightside also claims that ground spices should be thrown out after just six months. 

Expires in: 3 years

Why: Mosquito repellents are essentially useless after just two years, according to Brightside. You can usually tell if a bug repellent has expired by the smell—if one spray doesn't emit the pungent odor you've grown used to, it's time to throw it out.

Head over to Brightside for the full list of surprising household items that expire, and share your household hacks in the comments below.