7 Household Uses For White Vinegar

Cleaning supplies have a way of making their way into our kitchens, and then flocking to lower cabinets like fruit flies to a glass of wine. All of the sudden, we'll have more sprays and potions than we know what to do with -- suede cleaner for the shoes we never wear, wood polish that we forget we own, and all-purpose cleaner that we spray on everything, fingers crossed. As it turns out, a lot of the stuff that's hogging our storage space could be replaced by one simple ingredient: cheap vinegar. Read on and be amazed by what a little white vinegar can do. _1 To keep ants out of your kitchen, spray vinegar along any nearby entrance points from the outdoors, such as windowsills, the edges of countertops, and door thresholds. If you do find an ant trail, try to identify the destination and clean it with vinegar._2 Save a pretty penny on wood furniture repair kits by using vinegar to conceal scratches. Just mix white vinegar (or cider vinegar) with a few drops of iodine in a small bowl or jar. With a small watercolor or acrylic paint brush, paint over scratches to camouflage them. For darker woods, add more iodine. _3 Who knew? Just add about ½ cup of white vinegar to your wash to prevent static cling. The acidity of the vinegar minimizes static and prevents dryer lint from sticking to your clothes. _4 Forgo toxic chemical mildew-removal solutions in favor of all-natural vinegar. Just dip a scrub brush in a bowl of white vinegar and scrub away at tile grout, drywall, or even shower curtain liners. _5 Banish the nasty buildup on top of your stovetop, refrigerator shelves, and other appliances by dipping a clean cloth in white vinegar and scrubbing it with a little elbow grease. _6 Cleaning your scissors with water can cause them to rust. Instead, just wipe them with a paper towel dipped in a little vinegar. _7 Using a pump sprayer filled with white vinegar, spritz your walkways, outdoor tiles, and any other weed-ridden areas to kill unwanted plants. Be careful not to spray any landscaping you do want to keep, as the solution is not selective!