6 Houseplant Trends You'll See Everywhere in 2022

Boho bedroom with hanging plants.

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There's no better way to add a bit of sunshine to your home than a houseplant. You can sprinkle them into any corner of your home, as there's a plant to fit any space—bright, dark, or in-between. Certain houseplants have fallen in and out of the trending rotation throughout the years (we're looking at you, fiddle-leaf fig), and if you're curious which plants are going to be big in 2022, you've landed in the right place.

We tapped Bloomscape's garden expert, Lindsey Pangborn, for her take on the hottest houseplant trends for the new year, from the most popular plants you'll see everywhere to the latest and greatest in plant care.

Meet the Expert

Lindsay Pangborn is a gardening expert at Bloomscape. She writes plant care content, including plant care guides and blog posts, lending her expertise to the plant retailer.

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The Classic Money Tree

Money Tree

Courtesy of Bloomscape

For the second year in a row, the money tree was named Bloomscape's most popular and best-selling plant of the year, and Pangborn attributes the success to customers' hope for luck and good fortune that traditionally is associated with this tiny tree.

"Many people believe that Money Trees bring good luck and fortune—they are a popular plant in feng shui as it’s believed to create positive energy within a space," Pangborn shares. "Plus, money trees are incredibly easy to care for. They only require indirect light and infrequent watering, making them an easy plant for beginners."

Try not to move your Money Tree too often, as they prefer to stay in the same spot. If you need to relocate, you may see some leaves drop off. Don’t worry—it will adjust to its new home, says Pangborn.

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The Trending Ficus Umbellata

Ficus Umbellata

Courtesy of Bloomscape

This adorable ficus variety is gaining popularity due to its heart-shaped leaves and less finicky nature than its infamous cousin, the fiddle-leaf fig.

"I don’t see the ficus category slowing down anytime soon, as it’s a massive genus including over 800 species," Pangborn tells us. "There are some up-and-comers, and the Ficus umbellata is certainly one of them. It has a similar look to the fiddle-leaf fig, which has been arguably the most popular houseplant tree over the past few years, with large textural leaves."

Though similar in structure, Ficus umbellata is more adaptable than the fiddle-leaf fig, so that puts the Ficus umbellata as a strong contender for the plant of 2022, Pangborn says.

Ficus umbellata requires bright indirect light and will enjoy a few hours of direct light each day, if possible.

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Plants as Décor

Design: Leaf + Lolo

Design: Leaf + Lolo

Houseplants have really come into their own, earning a valued spot in homeowner's décor. They work wonders in livening up a space or adding just the right amount of color. It's quite rewarding to see them blossom and grow under your care as well, which is why Pangborn sees lots of houseplants being used as décor in the upcoming year.

"In addition to being a beautiful, natural living decor piece that adds color and dimension to your home spaces, houseplants can bring many other benefits," Pangborn says. "In my opinion, plants can produce a sense of well-being and accomplishment, and they directly correlate to a positive mood and outlook. If you’d like, plants can be more than just décor—they can be a hobby that offers never-ending opportunities for learning, growth, and connection."

Plants can be more than just décor—they can be a hobby that offers never-ending opportunities for learning, growth, and connection.

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Reliable and Resilient Ferns

Kimberly Queen Fern

Courtesy of Bloomscape

We found the perfect, classic houseplant to match your grand millennial décor scheme: the mighty fern. A nostalgic and textural plant like the Kimberly Queen Fern is coming back into style, much like the latest vintage-chic décor trend.

Ferns are some of the most resilient and versatile houseplants out there, according to Pangborn. "Ferns offer a textural, “busy” look thanks to their zany fronds growing every which way," she notes. "Few plants are more nostalgic than ferns, a houseplant mainstay that gained huge popularity first in the Victorian era and more recently in the 1970s. The sheer variety of species available to grow as houseplants, along with their adaptable nature and easy care, will make them a must-have for years to come."

Ferns love added humidity, so group them with other plants, add a pebble tray, or place them in a bathroom or kitchen with windows.

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Carnivorous Plants

Pitcher plant

Courtesy of Bloomscape

"Carnivorous plants are as much a novelty and collector category as they are beautiful houseplants," Pangborn says. "While they do require some extra care and might not be suited for everyone, there is a large subset of new gardeners that are gaining confidence in their growing skills and looking to take on a new challenge."

These houseplants aren't for the beginner plant parent, but for an experienced caretaker who's looking for something unique, carnivorous plants are the new way to go. Selections like pitcher plants or Venus flytraps are unique, beautiful, and often, easier to care for than you'd expect.

Fun fact, carnivorous plants do not need fertilizer since they obtain their nutrients by digesting insects and other prey, Pangborn tells us.

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Outdoor Plants

plant stool outdoors


According to Bloomscape, a big focus for 2022 is going to be the home’s front entryway. Adding some outdoor plants right in the front of your home is sure to add warmth and make a space feel inviting.

"We’ll be seeing more lush hanging ferns, dramatic planters flanking the front door, and tabletop plants that weave bright flowers and foliage through the space," Pangborn says.