Look No Further: These Housewarming Gifts Bring the Good Vibes Home

Updated 08/15/17
Housewarming Gifts
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Showing up empty-handed to a dinner party—especially a housewarming—is never a good idea. But when we're short on time, it's all too easy to revert to the classic bottle of wine or bouquet of flowers. There's nothing wrong with a great bottle of Bordeaux or an arrangement of ranunculus per say, but instead of giving something that will be gone in an instant, why not try and give something a little more long-lasting and meaningful?

To take the work out of shopping for great housewarming gifts, we rounded up our favorites. These gifts will please just about anyone, from the diehard foodie to the homebody or the wellness aficionado. Better yet, some of these are so wallet-friendly that they can be purchased in bulk ahead of time, so you never fall short on last-minute hostess gifts. Ready to wow the guests at your next housewarming party? Look no further than these great gifts.

Mug 11 oz. in Grey
Hasami Porcelain Mug in Grey $24

We're a little obsessed with these Japanese stacking mugs. Not only do they save space in the cupboards, but they're also really chic.

Juniper Ridge Set of 3 Small White Sage Smudge $14

Help a friend clear the bad vibes in their new home with a sage bundle that will bring good vibes into their space.

Elettra Wiedemann Impatient Foodie $19

A cookbook is a great way to help loved ones start new traditions in their new kitchen. We personally love Elettra Wiedemann's new book.

Kolossos Unfiltered Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil Set $38

Everyone needs a great olive oil—and it doesn't get much better than this extra-virgin Greek set of two oils.

Sonos Play:1 Compact Wireless Smart Speaker $199

If you want to go all out, a Sonos is a guaranteed hit—and it's one that can be used right away.

Resurrection Duet
Aesop Resurrection Duet $125

Why wash your hands with regular soap when you can wash them with Aésop? Though it may not last forever, this gift will be thoroughly enjoyed.

St. Frank Baby Alpaca Throw $225

If you want to go all out, an alpaca throw from St. Frank is an indulgent gift that anyone would appreciate.

L'Atelier du Vin Oeno Walnut & Stainless Steel Corkscrew $125

Everyone needs a great bottle opener. This one by L'Atelier du Vin is like the Rolls-Royce of wine openers. Give it to your favorite Bourgogne enthusiasts.

Washed Linen Napkin
H&M Washed Linen Napkin $6

For those on a budget, try H&M's linen napkins, which have a luxe feel and start at only $6. We're big fans.

Ambre Japonais Scented Candle
Byredo Ambre Japonais Scented Candle $80

Don't just get any candle—while there are a ton of great options out there, we love Byredo candles for their chic minimal branding and fantastic scents.

® Oak Steak Knives, Set of 6
Laguiole Oak Steak Knives $60

When it comes to steak knives, it doesn't get better than French brand Laguiole. The perfect gift to bring to a housewarming BBQ.

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