How a Thoughtful Makeover Turned My Empty Deck Into the Ultimate Outdoor Oasis

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There are two ways that I absolutely love spending my time: with people who mean the most to me, and outside in nature. Having recently moved from NYC to Upstate New York, I found myself with private outdoor space—something I long coveted while living in the city—in the form of a gorgeous, sunsoaked deck. An opportunity to design an outdoor hangout of my own for the first time was something I welcomed with my arms open as wide as humanly possible.


When it came to choosing products, comfort was a top priority, but I also wanted to feature items that were in line with my style and could make the space feel like an oasis designed with intention. Thanks to QVC’s extensive assortment of outdoor goods, I was able to create a space that felt like an extended living area, while also complementing the surrounding greenery.

I knew I wanted a statement rug, something to add texture and interest. From there, I chose a conversational sofa set that brings comfort and big, big style.

RattanSofa QVC
QVC Dukap 2 Piece Rattan Sofa/Table Patio Set W/ Cushions- Lugano $429.99

The natural rattan elements fulfill my desire to keep the design feeling rooted in nature, and the rich navy color of the cushions completes the look.

In the spirit of hosting friends and family, my next thought was to create a bar area to house drinks and snacks alike.

Table QVC

I wanted to keep this area simple while still making a statement, which I was able to do with this gorgeous concrete console, a sophisticated decanter, and some fun stemless wine glasses. A pair of wicker trays helps to keep things organized while still adding style.

Console Table QVC
QVC Babette Indoor/Outdoor Modern Concrete Console by Safavieh $387.99

Any type of oasis, to me, includes plants and the element of water in some form. When I found this modern sculpture that’s also part plant stand and part fountain I knew I found a true gem—I couldn’t click “add to cart” fast enough. The fact that it’s made of stone also makes it a perfect fit for my nature-inspired theme.

Fountain QVC

Even though I do love tending to and nurturing my living, thriving plants, it’s also nice to catch a break sometimes with faux greenery that looks oh-so-real.

Plant QVC

I love the pop of color the faux wheatgrass adds, and using the fern is a creative way to add volume to the space. I decided to use a white clay planter which allows the rich green color of the plant to really pop.

QVC Fern
QVC Deluxe Boston Fern Greenery Urn Filler by Valerie $49.93

As I imagined my closest friends lounging here until sunset, my mind drifted towards lighting options. I wanted something soft but that was a statement piece of its own, which is exactly what I found in this white wicker lantern. It holds a large faux flame so I won’t have to worry about fire safety and I can easily move it around the space depending on what I want to illuminate.

Lantern QVC

Being able to enjoy time outside in private quarters is something that I was definitely longing for while I lived in the city. To have a thoughtful and stylishly curated deck space that’s also highly functional means so much to me. As if I didn’t love the warmer seasons enough already, my new outdoor oasis has me endlessly excited and happy about enjoying my Spring and Summer in a new way. Family and friends: consider your invite to happy hour at the oasis, sent.

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