How Accurate Is "The Crown"? This Plotline Was 100% True

Updated 01/30/18

It's only been a matter of days since Season 2 of The Crown hit Netflix, but fans have already devoured all eight episodes and are bursting with questions. The most common question on the internet at the moment: How much of the Golden Globe–winning drama is accurate?

The series is a biographic drama, which means that the central plotline is based on real people and historical events that have been dramatized. Given how many shocking developments occur throughout the second season, it's difficult to tell which are based on fact or fiction. People and Bustle sifted through each episode to reveal which revelations were based on truth and which drama just isn't true. Surprisingly, some of the most salacious plotlines are 100% accurate.

True: The Royal Family's Nicknames

In the Netflix series, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor have funny, strange, and sometimes cruel nicknames for members of the royal family. The queen's mother is called "Cookie" or "the Scottish Cook," the queen is called "Shirley Temple," and Churchill was dubbed "Cry Baby." Apparently, these nicknames are accurate—they were discovered in letters published in 1988.

Probably True: The Queen Asked Princess Margaret to Delay Her Engagement

When Princess Margaret asks her sister's permission to wed controversial character Antony Armstrong-Jones, the queen asks her to delay the announcement until after she gives birth. So was this really true? PopSugar points out that the engagement was announced just one week after Prince Andrew was born. "The timing is curious, and the unofficial word is that yes, the queen did ask Margaret to delay the announcement!" they report.

Unconfirmed: Prince Philip Was Unfaithful

While the show doesn't overtly say that Prince Philip was unfaithful, it is strongly implied. Marie Claire reports that rumors have been circulating since 1948, but the Queen's husband told Vanity Fair it just isn't true. "How could I? I've had a detective in my company, night and day, since 1947," he told the magazine.

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