Find Your Bedroom Pillow Personality -- and Your Perfect Pillow!

How many pillows is too many pillows? Is there a right way to style your pillows? Though it may seem that every household prefers a different setup, when it comes down to it, we all do it one of three ways. For instance, designer Joe Lucas, whose bedroom is featured above, prefers two sets of pillows stacked, with one accent pillow in front. Find out which technique suits you, and then discover the perfect pillow for your personality, below. _1 The Look: Stacked pillows. How to Get It Right: All this requires is two pairs of pillows of the same size (or one pair, if you have a twin-size bed) set flat one on top of the other. (If you want to get even more minimal, you can simply leave a single pair of standard-sham pillows at the head of the bed, just as they were during the night.) What It Says About You: You're carefree, low-maintenance, and no-fuss. You're a jeans-and-t-shirt type. You want polish without much effort.

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_2 The Look: Standing pillows. How to Get It Right: Rather than stacking them, lean your pillows against your headboard. Putting Euro shams and accent pillows in front of standard shams will give your bed more polish and make more of statement, but you can also move your standard shams in front of Euro shams for a more laidback look. Depending on how many pillows you have, and whether you use a Euro sham or accent pillows, you can "dress it up or down." What It Says About You: Looking put-together is important to you; you're not the type to just roll out of bed and go. You like to be orderly on some level, and the need to have things look polished trumps the inconveniences of needing to rearrange your pillows when it's time for bed.

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_3 The Look: A mix of stacked and standing pillows. How to Get It Right: Stack one or two sets of standard shams on your bed, and then add standing Euro or accent pillows (a bolster or lumbar also works) in front of them. Leave your sleeping pillows as they are, toss on your decorative pillows, and you'll be good to go. What It Says About You: You love sleep and you're practical, but you also care about appearances. You want your standard shams to be ready and waiting for you when it's time to use them, but you also want to ensure things look ship-shape when you're away.

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Standard Pillowcase, $29, West Elm Border Frame Euro Sham, $78, Serena & Lily Annisa Pillow, $198, Accompany

So which pillow personality is yours? Tell us in the comments.

Photographs: 1. Joe Lucas, 2. Andrew Arthur, 3. Daniel Chavkin and Christine Kim for Modernism Week, 4. Chris Patey, 5. Eric Laignel, 6. and 7. Hardenburg Designs, 8. Lorenzo Castillo, 9. Justin Coit, 10. Thom Filicia, 11. Riesco & Lapres, 12. Cynthia Collins, 13. Justin Coit