How Holiday Celebrations Are Changing in 2020

White Christmas tree.

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They say there’s no place like home for the holidays, and this year, the commonly sung phrase couldn’t ring more true, according to a recent survey by Bed Bath & Beyond. And it turns out that this sentiment is particularly accurate for millennial respondents, who comprise the largest portion of Americans excited to celebrate at home this season. 

A whopping 61 percent of millennials are more than happy to embrace the homebody spirit this year.

As a part of their Holiday Traditions at Home study, Bed Bath & Beyond asked people whether or not they were excited to have a reason to stay home this holiday season. And while 50 percent of all respondents said they're glad to have an excuse to not go out, a whopping 61 percent of millennials are more than happy to embrace the homebody spirit this year.

While it can be difficult to forgo special traditions and family outings, Americans are getting creative with their celebrations and embracing new traditions. Nearly 25 percent of those surveyed plan to take their holidays gatherings outdoors, while 39 Americans will celebrate the holidays virtually in some form this year.

Some of the innovative methods people are relying on to stay connected with their loved ones from afar include opening gifts virtually, streaming a movie via video chat, or simply dialing up loved ones for a FaceTime call. 

For those who still crave that in-person holiday time—at a safe social distance, of course—outdoor spaces are becoming more important than ever.

The good news is that celebrating outside doesn’t have to be reserved to those living in parts of the country where the weather is still mild. Nearly 28 percent of those surveyed plan to incorporate a festive bonfire into their holiday routine this year, which is a cheerful, budget-friendly way to embrace the season, especially when paired with a delightful mug of hot cocoa or a festive winter-friendly cocktail.

To up the outdoor ante even more, Bed Bath & Beyond notes that 15% of people are investing in heaters, fire pits, outdoor furniture to make their time al fresco even cozier. Bring on the fuzzy jackets, blankets, and boots—or throw on a thick Christmas sweater. 

Oh, and if you think you’re spotting more trees in windows than usual for early December, you’re not wrong. By late November, 42 million Americans had already begun decorating for the holidays. It seems like we could all use a little joy after the woes of 2020 and 67 percent of Americans are highly on board, noting that it’s more important to embrace this special time this year than ever.

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