The 5-Star Hotel Way to Keep Your Bathroom Sparkling

If you're just beginning to design your bathroom, don't sleep on this preventative measure. If you're using marble, "the sealing is very important to avoid stains like water marks," Lordonnois told Elle Decor. It's the best way to maintain maximum shine and keep your surfaces looking beautiful despite heavy use.

If you spot a mark on a wall, resist the urge to simply paint over it. Rather, try to remove the mark or stain with something like the Magic Eraser sponge (these things really are magic). Painting over bumps or scratches may seem like an easy solve, but it will leave your surfaces looking less than smooth.

An important element of the dreamy white bathroom is, of course, the fluffy white towels. But without a doubt, these come at a price (and will likely need to be replaced more often than you're used to). Keep an alternative set of towels (or two!) to spread out the wear and tear, and replace them when it's time. You'll know.

"We vacuum first, and then use sweepers to clean the floors. … When the rooms are checked, someone uses a white cloth to check the cleanliness of the floor," Lordonnois reveals of The Mark's clean bathroom routine. While that last bit might be a touch over the top for your own bathroom regimen, we very much approve of getting a good vacuum in before sweeping or mopping the space (especially for those of us ladies with plenty of hair).

What are your best tricks for keeping things clean?