Human Beings Have Far Less Sex Than You Think

There’ve been many theories about how often people think about sex. While there’s no real way of knowing, some studies have suggested that men think about sex 8000 times a day—we know, that's a lot—while others estimate a much lower number

Something far more quantifiable is the amount of time humans spend actually having sex. In partnership with global consultancy Censuswide, Reebok (yes, that Reebok) set out to learn just that. By surveying 9000 people from nine different countries, the athletic apparel brand discovered that the average person spends just .45 percent of their lives having sex. That’s a total of 117 days out 25,915 days, which is the total number of days one lives if they manage to get to 71.

In comparison, Reebok also found that the average person devotes .69 percent of their time exercising, although for some, the line between sex and exercise is a blurry one. So what are human beings doing when they’re not exercising, sleeping, or having sex? Unfortunately, the answer is as scary as it is obvious.

According to some recent studies, the average person spends up to 8.4 hours a day staring at a screen, whether it be a phone, a tablet, a laptop, or a television. That’s more than 3000 hours year, and with our reliance on technology steadily growing, that number will only get bigger.

In other words, it sounds like we all need fewer screens and more sex.

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