This Is How Often Happy Couples Post on Social Media

Updated 10/23/17

If Facebook and Instagram are any indication, modern relationships can be summarized in an adage so millennial it may as well be a selfie stick: Pics or it didn’t happen. You can add Facebook relationship status, Snapchat selfie, and #mancrushmonday/#womancrushwednesday Instagrams to that same realm of modern romance. But as we’ve discussed before, gushy tweets, status updates, and kissing selfies don’t necessarily mean that couple is in a loving, committed relationship.

In fact, a new article from Business Insider argues just the opposite, that happy couples generally refrain from plastering their relationship all over the Interwebs, give or take an event photo or two. The site is of the opinion that happy couples are content with their relationship and therefore don’t need to seek that validation externally.

“There is … a clear connection between how genuinely content you are with your relationship and how often you post about it,” writes Business Insider. “In other words, there seems to be little appeal in constantly writing updates about the relationship … [if the joy] is in being together, not in posting about being together.”

The article goes on to argue that those in happy, healthy relationships simply don’t have anything to prove and instead spend their time being present in the moment rather than staring at their phones. What’s more, research shows that those who go even a week without using Facebook are happier, according to a 2015 study from The Happiness Institute.

While a lot of the BI article is steeped in opinion, it does make some thought-provoking points—both for people in relationships and the social media community at large. If social media is about sharing our lives with others, for example, then why does it give rise to this detrimental comparison culture in which you almost feel worse after checking Facebook? 

Do you agree with Business Insider’s assessment? Share your opinion on social media and relationships below!

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