How French Girls Entertain at Christmas

Updated 05/01/19
How to Entertain Like the French at Christmas

You’ve probably caught on to the fact that we have a rather, high-key obsession with French girls. Yes, they boast a refined elegance, and have a perfectly undone beauty routine, but they're also experts in food and wine. With Christmas just around the corner, you’re likely to be hosting at least one event this festive season, and along with your Jeanne Damas-inspired outfits, we’ve created your go-to guide for entertaining just like a French girl.

Whether it's setting the table or creating a hearty menu, one thing’s for sure, hosting for the French is serious business, and the core purpose of any dinner is to treat your guests with the utmost hospitality and care throughout the evening. 

We've rounded up some key tips and table accessories we are using to throw an elegant French soirée this season.


According to SBS, Christmas Eve is when the main feast takes place, known as "réveillon". During this banquet, friends and family gather—with no limit on time, food, or stomach capacity. Dinner starts with lighter appetisers, accompanied by top-notch champagne, and the table is peppered with the ocean’s finest treasures (think, oysters and lobster.)

The second part of the evening is more traditional and the main event is a turkey with roasted chestnuts. What sets the meal apart from most cultures is the fine cheese served after the main course, followed by dessert, which is traditionally a Yule Log (we found a delicious recipe.)

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The French often serve champagne with seafood starters. 

table setting

As reported by The Sydney Morning Herald, Jean-Michel Robier (a dining, cooking and entertaining chef at the Ferrandi school of the culinary arts in Paris), says an important element for any French host is an uncluttered and clean environment. It shows that you care about the space, and your guests. The second, is lining the table with two tablecloths. "This will provide some comfort to your guests when they rest their arms on the table." The French tend to stick to more classic and rustic themes at the dinner table and place their glasses at the top of the knife to facilitate handling and preventing spills.

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A statement plate will work perfectly with a minimal tablecloth. 

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Pair this cutlery set with gold-lined plates for a matching aesthetic. 


Aside from the perfect spread, the French hold proper etiquette in high regard. According to Robier, the elderly are always served first at the table and the wine must be set at an appropriate temperature, between seven to 10 degrees, and always kept in ice buckets.

Besides rushing out the door, coffee and tea are accompanied by more sweet treats served after the meal. Robier suggests to," favour simple, homemade dishes and keep in mind that the art of entertaining is the art of giving all of yourself for the pleasure of your guests."

Le diner est servi! 

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Do as the French, and keep your wine crisp and chilled. 

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We can't get enough of these chic serving tongs.

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