7 Easy Ways to Add Pops of Color to Your Neutral Space

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Product: East Olivia; Graphic: MyDomaine

Growing up, I was always a huge believer in the saying, "the more, the merrier" especially when it came to adding color to my bedroom. My room's color palette was truly one of a kind. From the hot pink zebra-striped ceilings to the bright orange swivel chair, both were full-proof evidence of how much I adored vibrant colors.

Color is so fascinating to me because of how ambiguous it is. Everyone interprets a specific color differently, and each makes them feel something unique. One prime example of this is the color red. When I look at or think of red, my first few thoughts are always negative, as I correlate red with anger and danger. On the flip side, my sister has been a dedicated advocate for the color red—she connects it to passion and confidence. This is the case with so many of us: we form our opinions of colors depending on our personal experiences and the way it makes us feel. Knowing what colors speak to us and make us feel comfortable and content is essential when choosing a color palette for our personal spaces.

Knowing what colors speak to us and make us feel comfortable and content is essential when choosing a color palette for our personal spaces.

Fast forward to the present day, I still love color and appreciate the versatility it brings into any space, but I have changed in terms of how I incorporate it into my bedroom. I've realized that although I loved combining all kinds of colors together when I was young, it ultimately overwhelmed and distracted me. It also wasn't sustainable because I would outgrow the mismatched colors and patterns yearly. I eventually decided to settle on a more neutral space, but to keep my love for color, I began to add minimal pops of color instead.

This way, I have the freedom to swap out anything that I no longer like or feel doesn't belong without the hassle of changing my entire room. With my years of experience playing with color in my space, here are seven items that will easily brighten your neutral space as much as they did for mine.

Urban Outfitters Alice Glass Table Lamp

Alice glass lamp

Urban Outfitters

I am a big fan of table lamps because they aren't as bright as your main room lights, yet still light up your space with a warm glow. There are so many kinds and shapes of lamps, so it gives you free rein to pick the one that fits your room's style. Picking a colored one centers the attention on its vivid shade and allows your space to be illuminated simultaneously.

East Olivia The Betty

colorful dried pampas bouquet

East Olivia

If you've always loved flowers but can't seem to properly upkeep them weekly, dried bouquets may be the best alternative for you. They not only bring in so much color, but don't require much care—they can last up to a whole year before having to change them out. They make a stunning piece of décor on your table or windowsill and will brighten up your space with their vibrant details.

Sophie Collé Splat Side Table

splat table


As a person who loves winding down in bed, a side table is an essential piece of furniture for me because it makes reaching for my book, phone, glasses, or water easily accessible. It also adds another layer of minimal color to my space without overcrowding it.

Make sure your side table is at a good level with the height of your bed, so it fits properly and looks in place.

Yui Brooklyn Big Flower Shaped Candle

Yui brooklyn flower candle

Urban Outfitters

Candles may be one of the most common home items, but the most underrated item to add color to your room. When we pick out candles, we mainly focus on their fragrance over their appearance, but most candles are often packaged colorfully or come in funky designs—which can unintentionally add color to your space. Whether you decide to light the candle or not, they can elevate the appearance of a stack of décor books or even a shelf.

Gustaf Westman Curvy Mirror Mini

gustaf westman curvy mirror

Gustaf Westman

As most of us have mirrors in our rooms, we can take advantage of this. Pick out a mirror that allows you to see your reflection when in use and act as décor when it's not. The mirror may be hung on the wall or even placed on an elevated surface because regardless of where it's placed, it will capture the attention of guests as soon as they walk in.

Sophie Lou Jacobsen Handle Vase

Sophie Lou Jacobsen Vase

Sophie Lou Jacobsen

I've always loved buying flowers and placing them in my room, but I came to realize that the vase I was placing them in wasn't doing them any justice. I knew the vase had to be aesthetically pleasing for the flowers to really shine on display. Vases come in the funkiest shapes, sizes, and colors, so having fun with picking one out that matches your style will go a long way especially if you're constantly using it as much as I do.

VISO PROJECT Orange & White Check Mohair V149A Blanket

VISO PROJECT Orange & White Check Mohair V149A Blanket


This is definitely one of my favorite decorating tips when incorporating color. If you're not too interested in having multiple parts of your space being colorful, but still want that eye-catching moment, consider buying a statement throw blanket for your bed. The bed is usually the focal point of a bedroom, so a bright blanket on top will pop out from the rest of the room. You can swap out the throw blanket as many times you want to match the changing seasons or if you want to try out a new theme.