Video: How to Arrange Tulips

A twisted tulip arrangement will never go out of style. It's a classic look that couldn't be easier to create. We've teamed up with with help from floral expert Maurice Harris to provide simple instructions for mastering this elegant and sophisticated look. mvp-header
knife Trimming and roughing up your stems is essential for prolonging the life of your arrangement. Make it easier on yourself with a good knife. Italian Olive Wood Folding Knife, $89, Kauffman Mercantile
header1 Remove leaves, clean stems, and rough the bottoms up a bit with a sharp knife. This will increase water absorption and the life of your arrangement. header2 Make sure to place the bulbs in an orderly pile as you prepare the stems. You will be holding the entire arrangement in your hands so this organizational step is key. header3 Once fully prepped, bunch all of the stems together and turn the bundle clockwise into a tight twist. header4 Make sure your stems are all a uniform length and trim as needed to fit into your container. Hold the twisted bunch up to the container and eyeball it. header5 Drop the twisted bunch into the container and let it unwind a bit. Reposition any stray bulbs and check the arrangement on all sides for any holes. For more helpful tips and entertaining know how, head to