Beyond Salary: How to Ask for a Title Change, and Why It's a Smart Approach

You'd prepared an argument for a raise, come to the salary negotiation meeting prepared, and your boss said no—now what? According to Denise Dudley, PhD, author, speaker, and behavioral psychologist, that shouldn't signal a dead end in the negotiation process.

"In this situation, it's perfectly appropriate (suggested, even) to inquire about a possible title promotion," she says, stressing that it's a legitimate form of promotion, even it doesn't involve a raise. "There's nothing wrong with acknowledging that your job title is important to you—even crucially, crushingly, monumentally important to you. If you'd feel more powerful, successful, assertive, or simply happier by having a bigger job title, then go for it—and don't let anyone call you an egotist!" she says.

As with any negotiation, it's crucial to hone your message. Here's exactly how to ask for a title change to get the recognition you deserve.

Step 1: Identify the Scenario