How to Use Supplements to Balance Your Hormones Naturally

Pinpointing a hormonal imbalance can be surprisingly difficult. Thanks to a host of seemingly unrelated symptoms like weight gain, depression, fatigue, and acne, it can be hard to identify, let alone treat the root cause. “All the hormones in your body work together like an orchestra, and when they are all balanced, the body works best,” explains Douglas Lord, MD, the medical director of Nava Health & Vitality Center. “When any of the hormones are out of balance, it affects the body negatively,” he says. In other words, if your adrenal glands, thyroid, and sex hormones are functioning in a way that’s not quite right, your entire body can feel off.

If you and your doctor determine that you do have an imbalance going on, there’s some really good news: There are lots of ways to recalibrate your hormones without medication. Lifestyle changes and proper nutrition are some of the best ways to do that, but completely natural supplements have been shown to be part of the solution too.

Here, we tapped a panel of expert nutritionists and integrative health specialists to find out which supplements are actually worth taking. Follow their tips to balance your hormones, the natural way.