3 Things Highly Productive People Always Do

Staying productive is a daily struggle. Though we sometimes experience bouts of efficiency, they're often followed by long periods of difficulty getting anything done, and we find ourselves increasingly discouraged by the workload that keeps building as time continues to dwindle.

Individuals who seem to always be on top of their work—breezing through tasks and assignments without these slow periods—all share certain things they do daily to ensure their productivity. One could think of them as productivity hacks, but they're more like terrific habits that flip the switch from being busy to being productive. The simple steps they follow daily, outlined in a recent Business Insider article, improve their command over their work, allowing them to maximize their effort in the given time, and granting them more free time and peace of mind to enjoy life outside of their professional pursuits.

If you also find staying productive to be a challenge, boost your productivity by following the habits highly productive people commit to every day.

1. Schedule your goals into your calendar. Putting your goals into writing is the first step to making them happen. When you commit to them on paper, it makes them a tangible target. You should write them into your calendar, giving them real deadlines and making them a priority. It will help you realistically plan out what it will take to achieve your goal, and put your various goals into perspective on a working timeline.

2. Control interruptions. When we're at work, there are an endless number of things competing for our attention. The mere fact we work at computers presents a dangerous array of ways to get distracted. Do what you need to tune out while you're working at your desk, be it noise-canceling headphones or making it a rule to always schedule meeting instead of just having people stop by. Even a slight distraction can turn into a black hole that ruins your productivity for the day, so commit to controlling your environment as much as you possibly can.

3. Plan your day the night before. On Sundays, take a half hour to plan out your workweek. Know which goals you aim to achieve, and think about a realistic timeline for executing the tasks to get there. It will give you purpose and direction when you wake up Monday morning, and you'll be able to hit to track running with guided momentum. You can make this a habit every night before a workday, briefly assessing where you are in meeting your goals for the week and determining what you need to get done the following day to finish the week out successfully.

What habits do you practice to stay productive? Head to the comments to share your advice.