How to Be More Decisive—and Stand by Your Choices

It can be said that life is just a series of decisions. You decide what time to wake up, what to eat for breakfast, what shoes to wear, and what route to take to work. During any given day, one makes countless decisions—and yet, certain decisions, important life-changing decisions, can be incredibly hard to make. You’d think that since we are constantly choosing between one thing and the other, we would be able to decide quickly, without fear or consequence, when making these significant life changes, as well. However, deciding whether to live with a new acquaintance or your oldest friend isn’t as simple as picking the type of wine to order at dinner.

Trying to make a significant decision—whether or not to leave a job, marry a love interest, move to a new city, or have a child—and standing by your choice is a challenge we must face over and over again. In order to be able to handle these situations when the time arises, it’s best to put decisiveness into practice now. That way when you have to choose between A and B in a major life decision, your choice will be the right one. If you’re thinking easier said than done, bear with me. Here’s how to be more decisive and stand by the difficult choices you may have to make.

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How do you go about making important life-changing decisions?

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