2 Myths You Need to Ditch If You Want to Be More Confident

If you want to spark a little more self-confidence and have it be instilled into the way you carry yourself each day, it may be time to reconsider the way you think about success. When it comes to the subject of success, we're told two particular things so often that they've become ingrained in our minds and reflected in our behaviors. Body and Soul highlighted two major myths that could be holding you back from your own success and daily confidence.

The first myth is that to achieve success, you have to focus on just one thing. From being forced to choose a college major to locking down internships in our sophomore and junior years to secure a position in the workforce upon graduating, every part of society is telling us to figure out one thing we're good at and to stick with it. However, humans come fully equipped with a range of things we love to do, and eliminating them from our lives just because they don't tie in to our career trajectory can leave you feeling empty, frustrated, and dissatisfied.

The healthiest approach is to find a balance that allows you to pursue the talents you can build a career on as well as the activities you simply love. By nurturing these other facets of your life, you might even find you're able to incorporate them into your professional life, adding more well-rounded potential to whatever you take on.

The second myth is that success is the same for everyone. Especially in the digital age, where everyone else's lives appear in Instagram photos and Facebook updates in the feeds on our phones, it's difficult not to constantly compare yourself to others. What's important to note is that success should be defined by each individual and that individual only. If you focus on measuring your own success by how you stack up to friends with completely different life paths and goals, you're guaranteed to find yourself dissatisfied.

Determine what it is that makes you feel happiest and most fulfilled, and look forward to your desired result instead of getting distracted by those around you.

How do you find and cultivate confidence? Are there any myths you've struggled with but have overcome? Share your experience with us in the comments.