Do These 4 Things If You Want to Be More Interesting


Natalie Off Duty

Feel like you're stuck in a rut? Dissatisfied with your day-to-day but unsure where to start to make a change? Do you feel like life is moving around you while you stay the same—not growing, not evolving, losing interest while also becoming less interesting? When we let our workdays and responsibilities define our lives, it's easy to take a break from the things we love that make us unique and interesting. No one wants to be boring, yet it becomes almost a default setting when we get overwhelmed by everything life expects from us.

Recognizing this dilemma, Business Insider recently highlighted the work of Jessica Hagy, the author of How to Be Interesting (in 10 Simple Steps), who breaks down specific actions one can take to take control of their life again and become more interesting while doing so. We've deduced her list to four big takeaways you can begin implementing today to reinvigorate your life and get back to a more interesting you.

Pay attention to others. If you want to be more interesting, one of the first places you can start is with those around you. People watch and participate, then take some time to reflect. What attracts you to other individuals? What attributes do you admire and wish to emulate? You can learn so much about yourself by consciously observing and recognizing what you want to be the takeaway for your own life.

Rethink your time. Sure, you may be confined by a 9-to-5 job or other life commitments that define how you get through your day, but think of time as more flexible when it comes to how you use it. Use the 10 minutes you have waiting for the subway to tune into your own agenda, making a list of things you're excited about doing during the week. Wake up a half-hour earlier one morning to have some time with your own thoughts before your busy schedule forces you to get moving. Sneak off in the evening for a short night walk to let your mind wander to creative places as you unwind from your day.

Expose yourself. Don't be afraid to put yourself out there, even if it means you'll be vulnerable to embarrassment and ridicule. The only way you can grow is to take risks, so get out and try new things, even if the outcomes aren't always guaranteed to be in your favor. Every new opportunity can be a learning experience if you approach it with the right attitude. Interesting people don't allow their fear of what others might think stand in the way of them living their lives.

Take charge. Don't wait for things to happen to you. Instead, take life by the horns and instigate the action you wish to see. Host your own get-together instead of waiting for a Friday afternoon invite. Send that text instead of incessantly checking your phone. Do now what you say you'll do tomorrow.

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