Do This Everyday if You Want to Be More Likable

The frustrating thing about likability is that you may feel one way and appear another. While you may think you're completely at ease and open to conversation, for example, you may be giving off an unapproachable, aloof vibe to others (or vice versa). Fortunately there are ways we can attempt to own our own first impression, including body language manipulation and self-awareness in terms of what our facial expressions, actions, and movements are communicating to the world.

Not sure what impression you're giving off? Business Insider has offered up a slightly more tangible solution to this problem of subjective likability. "One easy way to exude friendliness is to take some advice from Destiny's Child and 'Say my name, say my name,'" writes BI. "By consistently saying a person's name, we're not just being courteous. You're actually providing a person with affirmation. This will make you seem friendly and likable and help you create a positive connection with others." 

Although this may seem like a bit of a stretch, the publication went on to quote Joyce E.A. Russell, a career coach and licensed psychologist who defined someone's name as the "greatest connection to their own identity and individuality" and the "most important word in the world to that person." And when you think about it, this idea definitely holds some merit—especially in the professional world, where it's considered offensive to forget a colleague's name. At the very least, making a point to use someone's name will make you appear thoughtful, considerate, and conscientious—and who doesn't want that?

Do you have a trick for being more likable?