These Are the Traits the Most Likable People Have in Common

When it comes to our careers, we don't alway put "likable" at the top of our lists of characteristics that ensure success. Sure, we want our co-workers to like us, and we want to be polite and friendly, but our workplace focus tends to be more about how competent, hardworking, and skilled we come across. However, history shows that the most successful people—in addition to being competent, hardworking, and skilled—are also likable.

Napoleon Hill's 1937 book, Think and Grow Rich, which provides practical insight into how successful people carry themselves (after his spending many months interviewing Andrew Carnegie), is still one of the best-selling books of all time. Hill's findings show there are certain shared traits of likable people that directly contribute to success. In The Science of Success, Hill asserts there are 14 habits of exceptionally likable people, which he discusses in an essay titled "Develop a Pleasing Personality." So if you're looking to become nicer and more likable, begin with Hill's ever-popular advice and adopt these habits:

They develop a positive mental attitude and let it be felt by others. When you make an effort to stay positive and emit positive energy, others are attracted to it. While some occasional venting is fine and healthy, remaining positive in difficult situations can actually be more effective at reducing stress. If you stay positive under pressure at work, you will appear more competent and on top of the situation.

They pay close attention to someone speaking to them. Likable people give their attention to others and practice active listening during conversations. They make sure to say a person's name when they're engaging with them and go so far as to act as if the person speaking is the most important person in the world, says Hill.

They don't procrastinate. People how are likable are counted on to take action and get things done. Procrastinating communicates that you're afraid or ineffective, not attributes others seek in someone to lead the way.

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