Exceptional Leaders Never Skip This Part of Their Day—Here's Why It Counts

If you can barely find time to duck into the restrooms amid a schedule of meetings and deadlines, it can be hard to dedicate an hour to do a gym class. We know exercise should be a priority, but in reality, taking care of ourselves is often the first thing to get bumped when life goes into overdrive.

When we tapped women at the top of their field, it became clear that exercise shouldn't be viewed as an added part of your day—it should be at the core. According to a study published in the journal Psychology and Aging, our mental performance is directly linked to our physical routine. Yes, starting your day at the gym will actually make you a better worker. Harvard Business Review reports that regular exercise improves concentration, helps you learn faster, and enhances creativity—all of which are crucial, no matter your industry.

So how do you actually squeeze a workout into an already jam-packed day? We turned to successful women to find out how they dominate in the boardroom, lead with grace, head up teams, and still find time to exercise. Yes, it's possilbe—here's how.

How do you motivate yourself when you feel like skipping the gym?