8 Secrets of People Who Are Always on Time

Although I desperately try to be one of these people who is always on time, more often than not, I find myself running late, usually by about 10 minutes. Since I know it’s a cringeworthy bad habit that I need to break, I recently clicked on a recent Pure Wow story that features the secrets of people who are never late. Some of their tips are things that I would have never thought of, so I outline them below.

  1. They time their makeup routine. Apparently people who are never late set the timer of their iPhone when they put on makeup in the morning. “Your morning makeup routine should take you ten minutes—tops.” I think I’m going to try this tomorrow!
  2. They make breakfast in advance. Sometimes my dad will make me muffin tin breakfast quiches. These are really great to whip up on Sunday night and enjoy during the week. Here's how you do it: Whisk six eggs with a two tablespoons of milk. Mix in the vegetables, herbs, cheese, and protein of your choice. Then bake for 20 minutes at 375°. These little babies are a delicious, fast, and portable breakfast. Other ideas for make ahead breakfast: banana bread, hard boiled eggs, and savory scones.
  3. They plot out five days of outfits in advance. Plan your outfits for the week on Sunday night. Think about your schedule, than raid your closet for the perfect looks. Put all of the items of clothes for each look—including bra and underwear—on the same hanger.
  4. They have a bowl or hook for their keys. Every time they walk in the front door, they immediately drop their keys in the bowl or place on the hook. When it’s time to leave, they never have to find their keys.
  5. They follow the 40 percent rule. Pure Wow explains it like this: "In scientific terms, it’s known as the buffer index, or a calculation that says it will most likely take you 40 percent longer than you think it will to get to your destination. Do the math. If you think you need 30 minutes to get to dinner, you probably need 42."
  6. They build in overflow time. Meetings and appointments can always run over time, so pad your schedule with 15 minutes on each side of your haircuts, therapist sessions, and client interviews.
  7. They never let their gas tank get below a quarter full. They never have to deal with running late (due to the fact that they had no gas in their car) because they get gas before it’s the last minute to get it.
  8. They get off social media. If you’re crunched for time, do not open a time-sucking app like Facebook or Instagram. It will make you late!

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What are your ways for always being on time?