Apparently, Being Photogenic Is All About How You Angle This Body Part


We spend admittedly too much time meticulously documenting every facet of our lives—even seemingly mundane tasks like a trip to the grocery store or a subway ride warrant an Instagram story or a Snapchat. For better or for worse, this constant curation (and the advent of the front-facing camera) can suddenly make you overly aware of how photogenic you are.

As PureWow reports, whether the camera loves you or not all boils down to one body part: Your head. Or more specifically, the way you tilt it, and how you make use of your "good side." Since most people's faces aren't perfectly symmetrical, it stands to reason that you could grow to favor one side. One study from Wake Forest University even found that people are more emotionally expressive on their left sides.

"If you think about how often celebrities are photographed, it's sort of amazing (and a little annoying) that they somehow always manage to look good," they write. "Although having a glam team helps, there's also a specific pose many of them use to ensure that their best features are captured every single time." It's as simple as tilting your head ever-so-slightly to your best side, lowering your chin, and smiling (with or without teeth). "As for the tilt, it works because it's subtle," they add. "The angling softens any unflattering shadows and brings out your jawline so your face looks slimmer overall."

Next up: How to make your home photogenic, according to interior designers.

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