The Foolproof Mind Trick to Move Past Rejection

Getting reprimanded at work can throw you into a mental tailspin, causing you to ruminate on the situation to the point of no return. Rather than instantly jumping on the defense, it would behoove both you and your busy work schedule to efficiently manage your emotions and bounce back from any negative scenario at the office. Inc.'s Marcel Schwantes recently sought out to do just that, examining the many ways in which resilient people manage to move past a professional hardship in a snap.

"Recovering emotionally from a challenging work episode doesn't happen with a flip of the switch," writes Schwantes, founder and president of Leadership From the Core. "But you must move on at some point to keep your sanity." He then offers up a simple action plan for those looking to improve their professional resilience, which starts and ends with reframing your situation.

"While healthy egos may take a hit in crisis, resilient minds recover quickly by reframing," he writes. "Think of it as a technique to 'tell yourself a different story' and come up with a different interpretation." In re-examining the narrative, you force yourself to sort fact from fiction, putting a stop to the dramatic script replaying in your head in the process. Once you're able to approach the transgression from a different angle, you can begin to let go of the past.

How do you cool off from an argument at work? Share your tips in the comments below, and try this mind-mapping app to clear your head.