How a Student Left College to Turn Her Tumblr Into a Successful Business

Updated 10/23/17

Starting a business is a difficult endeavor, but starting one online is arguably more challenging. Not only do you have to keep up with constant change, but you have to find a way to create meaningful in real life (IRL) bonds with your consumers. Rachel Schwartzmann, founder of The Style Line, knows a thing or two about finding that sweet spot. After dropping out of college, Schwartzmann decided to focus all her energy on her Tumblr; today, The Style Line has relaunched off the platform, and is a thriving business with elevated storytelling at its core.

The online community is all about interviewing interesting, creative people and bringing storytelling back to the web in an elevated way. Here, the soft-spoken CEO talks about the importance of building IRL relationships with community members and why being open to change is crucial for success.

successful without a college degree
Bridget Badore

“Even though I’ve been fortunate enough to receive a lot of honest and encouraging advice from industry professionals,” explains Schwartzmann. “Being so young and starting a business is challenging. As with any endeavor, you’re always going to be presented with a unique set of challenges, all of which are reminders that obstacles allow for growth and keep things interesting. The Style Line will always be a work in progress, and continual growth and evolution is crucial. I think that’s what excites me the most!”

If you’re hosting a work gathering, Schwartzmann says flexibility is key: “It’s important to have a foundation of a plan, but allowing a sense of flexibility and ease creates a more relaxed environment. Of course it always helps to have a glass of Veuve Clicquot in hand too.”   

Bridget Badore

“Making the time to connect with those who have contributed to your cause can cultivate new opportunities and help to keep things in perspective,” says Schwartzmann. “I always feel inspired after seeing how our events result in authentic connections among those in our community. At the end of the day, no matter what one’s professional circumstances are, we’re are all working towards something, and that’s worth toasting to.”

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