This Is How a Beauty Mogul Combats Sugar Cravings

Renowned makeup artist and beauty mogul Bobbi Brown knows a thing or two about looking your best. For the past 25 years, she's been helping women enhance their natural beauty with her eponymous makeup line, and now she's looking to help women feed their looks from the inside through wellness practices and a healthy diet. Her new book, Beauty From the Inside Out, slated to be released in April, is already available for preorder and will feature beauty foods, boosting confidence, and being zen.

Though long a proponent of wellness, Brown takes a balanced approach to healthy living (for example, shunning Whole30). "It tells you to eat really good, organic food and not drink," Brown noted to Well+Good at a recent luncheon. "I am not doing that. I do Whole30 with a shot." While she does allow herself the occasional indulgence, Brown steers clear of bad sugars.

When a sugar craving strikes, she grabs a grapefruit and puts some cinnamon on it. "It's not sweet, but sometimes when I come home, I'll take half a grapefruit and put some really good ground cinnamon on and it's enough," she says. The unusual combo is definitely worth a try beyond the benefit of beating sugar cravings, packed with vitamins and dietary fiber as well as the anti-inflammatory benefits of cinnamon.

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