This Is the Only Thing You Need to Know to Be a Successful Manager


Christopher Patey for MyDomaine

Ever since I could string a few words together on a page, I knew that prose was my passion. From a young age, you could find me nose deep, ingesting (and inhaling) the pages of a good book. In fact, there’s photographic evidence of me holding the hardcover version of Road Dahl’s Matilda (the cover was almost bigger than my head) with a Cheshire cat–like grin across my face. So, of course, my career trajectory took me down the journalist path, working for newspapers, magazines, and online. But as I’ve climbed the media ladder (with much excitement), writing has resumed the role of understudy while my new skillset slowly takes center stage: management.

Although many aspects of this new job description come naturally to me, keeping other people motivated and inspired while being a constant resource of support and motivation can be incredibly daunting, not to mention overwhelming. As a first-time manager, I can honestly say it takes patience, trust, transparency, and a positive outlook to lead a successful team of people who want to not only play ball but win, too (with a smile on their face). Here are a few things I’ve learned so far, with the help of some of my favorite experts on the topic.