How to Become a Morning Workout Person, According to Someone Who's Done It

I never thought I'd see the day where I even considered waking up earlier than necessary to workout—I'm of the opinion that moments before work should be spent with your eyes shut. But a busy work schedule and a desire to maintain a social life have led me to reconsider. Faced with a similar predicament, Business Insider's Emmie Martin actually managed to transform herself into a morning workout person, chronicling her tips in a recent article for BI. In her own words, here's how to kick-start your morning workout routine, even if you hate waking up early:

Make waking up early a routine:

"On days I don't have gym plans, I still try to wake up at the same time and meet friends for breakfast, enjoy quiet mornings at home, or even head into work early. Since I'm already used to rising early, it's one less obstacle to face on mornings that call for a workout."

Tell yourself you only have to run one mile:

"If I'm dreading [a workout], I tell myself I only have to make it 1 mile—a 10-minute workout, tops. Once I'm up and actually exercising, I rarely stop after only a mile, but telling myself I'm allowed to does the trick to get me started."

Sign up for early classes:

"Being the person who rolls in 15 minutes late to Spin class isn't a good look on anybody. It's disruptive and disrespectful to the instructor. If I sign up for a class that starts at 7 a.m., I make damn sure I'm there right at 7 a.m."

Head over to Business Insider for the rest of Martin's tips, and share your own mental tricks with us below!