The World's Easiest Way to Boost Your Charisma

It seems like I come across another article every day that discusses the extreme importance of being present. A Harvard psychologist swears it’s necessary for true success, and Inc. reports that Stanford’s science director, Emma Seppälä, says presence will boost your natural charisma. According to Seppälä, charisma is a learned skill, and if you want to be charming and inspire devotion in others, all you have to do is be present.

The people who flatter us with their undivided attention are those who we consider to be the most charismatic. "If you meet someone who is completely attentive to you and actively engaged in the conversation, you are much more likely to find them likable and interesting. If that person's cell phone rings without them checking it, they get double brownie points. Why? Because in that moment, the only thing that seems to matter to them is you. You are the most important person there, and they have gifted you all of their attention at that moment," she explains.

Seppälä recommends making three practical changes to your behavior: Put your phone away while having conversations, listen without interrupting, and maintain eye contact. "When you are present and looking someone in the eye, the impact of that connection can be powerful," Seppälä says.

Learn more about Seppälä’s studies by reading her book, The Happiness Track.

Do you know anyone who is particularly charismatic? Are they especially present?