A Very Stylish Finance Expert Tells Us How to Build a Capsule Wardrobe

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If you’re always looking for ways to save money, with the least amount of pain possible, we hear you. While we are always on mission to be fiscally responsible, we also believe that having a balanced approach to our finances is probably the best way to go about it. You’ve got to buy those shoes at some point, right? Thankfully, finance expert Canna Campbell of SugarMummaTV not only provides insightful tips for saving and investing, but, she’s also got a killer wardrobe—and an impressive designer bag collection to match—which proves that saving doesn’t entirely mean giving up on the finer things in life.

One way Campbell suggests to help save our money (and time in the morning) is by developing the ultimate capsule wardrobe. The term “capsule wardrobe” gets thrown around a bit, but Campbell explains it without strict colour or style guidelines, and instead as more of a principle to refine your wardrobe with, “a capsule wardrobe is essentially a wardrobe that’s based upon key investment pieces that work really well with other items in your wardrobe.” She also bases this on a “dollar per wear” argument, so you can not only adopt a minimal interior aesthetic, but also a sartorial one. Below, Campbell shares some key tips if you're wanting to start a perfect (and cost-effective) four-season wardrobe. 

Step 1: cleanse

Firstly, Canna suggests taking everything out of your wardrobe and spreading it out on your bed. Next, only pick up the pieces that you like to wear and can’t imagine life without. Then make a separate pile for the clothes you don’t wear anymore or have something wrong with them, like a missing button.

Step 2: Analyse what you don’t wear

Secondly, Campbell suggests going through the pile you are going to give away/throw/donate and look at why you didn’t wear them. That way you won’t make the mistake again. Some questions to ask include: Was it the colour? The cut? Do I even like patterns? This way you are starting to refine your actual style, and not be as influenced by the style aficionados who perhaps don’t have the same lifestyle as you (guilty). 

Step 3: Analyse what you do wear

After assessing what you don’t like, Campbell suggests looking at what your go-to items are, and writing down what you love about each piece. Not only will you likely find the common themes that help you define your personal style. But it will also give you a loose framework to shop around when it is time to add a new item in your closet.

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Step 4: Balance your Wardrobe with your Lifestyle

It’s one thing to picture ourselves going to fancy dinners every night, compared to the reality of meetings in the day, and dinner on the couch at night. Campbell suggests taking time to assess what your regular week looks like and allocating a specific percentage to it. That way, if your lifestyle looks like 80 percent work, and 20 percent relaxing, you can then allocate a practical budget to those types of clothes, and not that pricey gown that will barely step outside your closet doors.

Step 5: Find a muse

While it’s one thing to pin every street style you like (although, that is definitely fun). Another way to strategically find inspiration from your style muse is to find a handful that you love and hone into why you like them, the items they wear, and how you can replicate the look. By doing this, you will have automatically created a look-book that you can turn to when you’re unsure about a purchase, or are looking to upgrade your style.

For more tips, watch Campbell’s full video on her YouTube Channel.

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