7 Small, Realistic Ways to Burn More Calories That Don't Involve the Gym

It doesn't take a genius to figure out how to burn more calories via exercise: Opting for vigorous, high-intensity workouts will cause your calorie expenditure to skyrocket. But when life feels like it's going a million miles an hour, it's not always possible to squeeze exercise into your day. So what's the next best option?

According to Health, there are a number of small, realistic tweaks that will help you burn more calories without breaking a sweat. From simply sitting on the floor while you watch TV to turning down the thermostat, these habits are refreshingly easy to do.

Don't have time to hit the gym? Add these seven realistic habits to your routine to burn more calories. Go on—have that next slice of pizza.

  1. Sit on the floor: "Watch TV from the ground and you'll force your muscles to work harder whenever you have to stand up," suggests Health.
  2. Always add five minutes: Aim to add five minutes to every physical activity you do, whether it be walking home from work or carrying groceries inside.
  3. Boost your air conditioning: Your body is forced to burn more calories when the temperature drops.
  4. Ditch your duvet: Likewise, removing warm sheets will encourage your body to expend more energy while you sleep.
  5. Set reminders: Health recommends programming your phone to ring every 30 minutes to remind you to stand up and move.
  6. Sip coffee: Caffeine can help boost calorie burn for up to three hours, Women's Health suggests.
  7. Schedule time out: Stressed women work off 104 fewer calories than those who are calm. Schedule 15 minutes of downtime in your calendar every evening to remind you to pause and process the day.

How do you stay active when you can't go to the gym?