The First Thing Portia de Rossi Picks Out When Decorating a Room

Portia de Rossi wants to hang fine art in your home. The actress (who is married to Ellen DeGeneres) is the creator behind General Public, an art company that uses 3-D technology to reproduce paintings. Instead of a traditional print, you're left with a synograph—an almost identical reproduction of an original work of art from color to texture.

"I wanted to bridge the gap between the decorative and the fine art market," de Rossi tells MyDomaine. The pristine white halls of a typical art gallery and the price tags on original works can understandably be enough to deter an art novice from beginning a personal collection.

That's why de Rossi was determined to find another way for everyone to enjoy art in their own homes. "Although many folks have an appreciation of art and would like to own good works by good artists, not everyone wants to learn about the art market, or they find collecting—and the galleries—intimating," says de Rossi.

As unapproachable as the art world can seem, there are plenty of ways to bring beautiful art into your home, no matter your budget or art background. According to de Rossi, all it takes is a bit of research and an understanding of your own personal style.

Ahead, she shares her best advice for how to buy artwork and style it in your home.