12 Questions to Ask Before Investing in Furniture

We would never mess with our water conduits without hiring a plumber or knock down a load-bearing wall without getting our plans approved by an architect. We hire specialists because as experts, they can foresee problems we can’t—and investing in furniture shouldn’t be different.

Before dropping serious cash, consulting a designer prevents buyer’s remorse, which can be all too real when a sofa doesn’t fit through the front door, or the marble table we spent rent money on is stained and scratched after a hard realization that we are not, in fact, marble people. Designers, after all, have navigated décor showrooms and trade fairs enough times to make quick and informed decisions on virtually any piece of furniture you want.

But since we can’t all afford to consult an interior designer on every shopping trip, nor rack up the historical knowledge of one, we’ve culled the 11 questions an interior designer always asks before saying yes to a new piece. Get ready to become a seasoned furniture buyer with these expert tips from top-notch interior designers.