How to Care for Your Flowers This Spring

Last week we had you take a quiz to discover the best spring flowers for your personality. Taking into consideration your living space and time commitment, as well as your hobbies and pastimes, we gleaned the knowledge of horticulture experts at the Ball Horticultural Company’s 2017 Spring Trials to determine which flowers you should grow this spring.

This week, we're serving up a set of flashcards for all your flower-caring needs that will make sure you're equipped with tips to give life to your blooms all spring long. From sprightly pentas and bright petunias to cheery osteospermum and sophisticated Spanish lavender, each flower requires special care and attention to ensure its beauty lasts throughout the season. So whichever flower you decide to bring to your home this spring, keep them alive and well with these simple tips. Keep scrolling to study up on how to take care of your flowers this spring.