This Is the Reason Your Succulents Are Dying (Overwatering Isn't the Problem)

Updated 06/28/17
Tessa Neustadt

Buy a succulent, they said. They're impossible to kill, they said. If you're having trouble keeping this popular living décor item alive in your home, you're not alone. Despite the common misconception that this type of house plant is easy to care for, it's actually easier to kill them if you're unaware of one of the plant's main requirements—and no, it has nothing to do with giving them too much water.

To help keep your succulents alive and thriving, Apartment Therapy shared some insight behind why you're (accidentally) killing off your coffee-table greenery. It turns out, it's all about location. The article cites important planting advice from the popular Newburyport, Massachusetts, floral and décor shop Sage Market + Design, explaining the general rules of (green) thumb. 

"Succulents in the purple and orange colour family prefer the outdoors. They will prefer your patio or deck to your darker rooms. Succulents that are really very green will do better indoors." A few other essential care tips include using well-drained soil for planting, plucking out dry or dead leaves, watering by misting every 10 to 14 days, and repotting with fresh soil once a year.

Next up: How to turn your house into an incredibly chic greenhouse. Shop these adorable succulents and try your hand at keeping them healthy.

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