Learn to Change a Light Fixture in Just 7 Simple Steps

There are many easy updates you can make to your home without getting out the toolbox -- throw down a rug, hang a picture, and toss a pillow here or there. But as cute as your room may be, if an unsightly light is hanging in the middle, the whole look will be ruined. Good news: changing a light fixture isn't as tricky as it seems. We're not trying to put electricians out of business, but by following these seven simple steps from Brooklyn Limestone, you'll be better off without them.
l1 1. Shut Down and Screw Off + Switch off the breaker to the old fixture and unscrew the plate that covers the electrical wiring.
l2 2. Undo Wiring + Disconnect the old fixture by breaking the wire connections. This means removing tape, unscrewing caps, and untwisting wires.
l3 3. Take it Down + Unscrew the support structure of old fixture (whatever is holding it to the ceiling). You're old light should now be free!
l5 4. Stay Grounded + Your junction box may already have a ground wire, but if not, screw in a green covered wire to the spot marked "GR." You should now have three wires coming out of the junction box.
l7 5. Connect New Light + Using the wire covers as guides, twist together the copper wires at the end of matching wires. Black should go with black, white with white, and green with green. Once the copper wires are twisted together, screw on the plastic caps. For extra security, black electrical tape can be applied around the base of the cap.
Head over to Brooklyn Limestone for the final steps! Your light will be shining bright in no time. Photography: Armelle Habib for Elle Decoration, Brooklyn Limestone