How to Choose a Rug for Your Home, According to Our CEO, Katherine Power

The first thing to strike us about our CEO Katherine Power's décor style was her impeccable taste in rugs. From home to home and office to office, Power has proven time and again that her rug-picking instincts are flawless. So when she needed to choose rugs for her new Spanish-style 1920s Los Angeles home that she shares with her two cats and her husband, photographer Justin Coit, we decided to tag along for the ride.

First she called on the help of her most trusted rug resource: David Nourafshan from Lawrence of La Brea. For over 20 years, the West Hollywood store has been working with clients to pick the most unique and sought-after rugs and textiles. This was Power's secret—Nourafshan is a veritable treasure trove of knowledge, and his store is filled with the most exquisite soumaks, kilims, and oushaks.

"Rugs can set the tone for an entire room," says Power. Picking the one can be a nerve-racking process, but with the right knowledge and guidance, it can also be an exciting one. To help shape her decision, she called on her friend, interior designer Jake Arnold. The designer drew inspiration from Power's signature style—a mix of well-curated vintages pieces and antiques mixed with more modern elements—before going to the store to pick out options.

"Going into Lawrence of La Brea is like a field trip since it has so many amazing options," he says. "I narrowed down the selection to five options I knew Katherine would love and that I knew would work in her spaces." To showcase how rugs can truly transform a room, Arnold decorated our CEO's den and guest room two different ways, and we documented the entire process.

Curious to see which style you prefer? See the results for yourself, and pick up your own Lawrence La Brea rug for 10% off and free shipping with our exclusive promo code, "mydomaine10." Keep reading for tips on how to source the perfect room for your space.