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How to Choose the Perfect Front Door Color, According to Experts

front door colors


While most dwellers focus on interior design, some décor enthusiasts would argue that it's the exterior that matters the most. Something as simple as the color of your front door is the key to designing an inviting entryway and creating curb appeal that can be seen from down the street. It's your guests' first impression of your home before they even walk in, so it should be decorated as intentionally as your foyer, living room, or kitchen.

However, selecting a color from a sea of paint chips is easier said than done. Luckily for you, we tapped five designers for their tips for choosing the perfect paint color for your front door.

Ahead, find 10 shades that are sure to inspire.

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Classic and Elegant Black

front door colors


Black is a perfect go-to color for your front door—it's chic, clean, and timeless.

"Black will always be an unforgettable choice for front doors, and a deep, elegant black I like to use is Tricorn Black by Sherwin Williams," interior designer John McClain says. "This black shade is a no-fail choice for those who want instant sophistication that will never go out of style."

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Don't Hold Back

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"Your neighborhood association might have something to say about your front door color, so check any limitations you might have there," McClain suggests. "If there are no restrictions for your neighborhood, take a stroll and see what colors your neighbors are using, and choose something totally different than them.

Use your front door as a way to express yourself without saying a word, McClain suggests, and his last piece of advice? Don't be timid!

"If you decide to change next year—it's only paint," he says.

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Go With Blue-Green

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McClain's newest favorite take on blue-green is Sea Serpent by Sherwin Williams. The sophisticated yet warm, interesting, and inviting shade would make a great pick for the gateway to your home.

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Give Guests a Preview of Your Interior

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A front door color be a foreshadowing of some of the color palette you will see inside the home, McClain suggests.

"The front door of your home is the perfect opportunity to show your personality," he says. "My advice: choose a color that you love. The best thing about a front door color is that it can usually stand alone if you have an otherwise neutral color palette on your home's exterior."

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Stick With a Fan Favorite

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"Red is a perennial favorite and most requested from our clients," McClain says. "Red is such a classic front door color with a long history, and my go-to is Sherwin Williams Rustic Red. It pairs particularly well with traditional style homes."

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Make It Photogenic

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"Cat's Meow by Benjamin Moore is my all-time favorite front door color—it's the prettiest shade of pink," designer Megan Molten shares. She notes that picking a front door color is a trial and error, and one important aspect is viewing the color during the day and night.

"I tried ten different shades of pink for my front door," she notes. "Painting the samples on the front door is a requirement when using a fun color."

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Evaluate the Rest of Your Exterior

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"Choosing a color for your front door is a big commitment," Beth Dotolo of Pulp Design Studios notes. "It sets the tone for your guests and inspires your neighborhood."

She lists some important factors that go into selecting your door color, including the color scheme of the rest of your house as well as ensuring contrast.

"You want to make sure your choices don't clash," Dotolo says. "If you have a natural brick or stone home, you want to stay neutral with a strong black, gray, or chocolate. If your home is painted neutral, have fun with it. You have a little more freedom to choose a vibrant red or chartreuse—whatever you do, make sure there's a ton of great contrast so that your front door really makes a statement.

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Make It Seasonal

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Since paint is easily changed, why not adjust the color seasonally? There is really no right or wrong answer when it comes to color, but following the season you are in currently is always a great first step.

"We always recommend homeowners show individuality and personal style in renovating their homes," Corban De La Vega, the chief marketing officer at DecorMatters, says. "During the summertime, painting your front door with yellows, oranges, and neutrals will look amazing. In the winter, green, blue, and white hues can create a stunning look,"

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Keep It In Line With Your Surroundings

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Designing and painting according to your home's environment is important. If trees and nature encompass your home, then go for greens, browns, and neutral colors, as they'll complement nature nicely. Or, if you own a cabin in the snow, consider a color that will look amazing paired with a white surrounding.

"You want the colors of your home exterior to blend together with nature, to make it look as if it belongs," De La Vega explains. "There are plenty of apps on the market that allow you to visualize your home with certain colors, decorations, and layouts before actually making the purchase. Take a step back, snap a photo of your home, and then find out what color you like the best."

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Consider Undertones

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It's best to avoid overly-saturated hues when it comes to a front door, as they likely will come off much brighter on an exterior, and pay attention to undertones, as daylight tends to make colors look cooler.

"When you think of a classic Southern exterior, the black front door and shutters come to mind, but the traditional color is actually a very dark green," Kevin Francis O'Gara, president of Kevin Francis Design, shares. "Deep River by Benjamin Moore is a great example of this—and the undertones really give the color great depth, which helps prevent the harsh contrast of a true black on your home's exterior. Also, I always opt for a higher-gloss finish on doors for better wear and stain resistance!" -