How to Choose Provocative Art—Tastefully

Tappan Collective is an online platform that introduces emerging visual artists to both new and seasoned collectors. As a source of education and discovery, it shares insights on collecting art and the latest trends for art lovers. Here, Tappan gives MyDomaine readers tips for how to choose provocative art for your home.

The nude is an iconic symbol in art. The reason for its use as a repeated motif varies by artist, but specific aspects of the nude make it an enduring subject. The dynamic play of shape, color, and curvature remains enduringly fresh. It’s no wonder that today’s artists continue to consider the body in their work, finding contemporary ways of portraying its beauty while keeping the content elevated. Whether it’s a photograph or painting, there are a few tips you should keep in mind when choosing art with what some might consider a provocative edge. Keep reading to discover six ways to integrate nude artworks into your home with grace.

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