How to Clean Out Your Refrigerator

Today is National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day, and if you haven’t done it in awhile, I highly recommend that you do it now. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, now is an ideal time to get rid of those old bottles of ketchup that are lurking in the back of the fridge. You’ll make room for the turkey, stuffing, and rest of the fixings, and give it a much-needed bacterial cleanse. It doesn’t take long to clean out the fridge (probably 20-30 minutes), so just get it over with. Here’s my technique.

  1. Empty the contents of the fridge, one shelf at a time. Toss anything that is expired or moldy in the trash. Pour out old wine bottles and recycle the glass.
  2. Before you place everything back inside, shower all surfaces with a multi-surface spray.
  3. Using a paper towel or old rag, wipe down the walls and shelves. Scrub away the grime with a sponge if necessary.
  4. Remove the drawers and transfer them to your sink. Fill with warm soapy water and scrub clean. Dry well before placing back in the fridge.
  5. Put the food back in the fridge, organizing it by dairy, produce, and pantry items. Wipe down jars and bottles with a moist cloth before placing them on the shelves.
  6. Wipe down all the doors and edges of the doors with a disinfecting spray. Spray the outside of the fridge and wipe clean with paper towels.

Windex multi-surface spray with vinegar is my go-to fridge cleaner. It has a fresh scent and removes grime.

When was the last time you cleaned your fridge?