The One Everyday Item That You're Forgetting to Clean

Finding the time to do a full-scale home refresh is easier said than done. In fact, we're fans of breaking down spring-cleaning room-by-room or item-by-item to make this process more manageable. But this method leaves room for oversight when it comes to cleaning one important category: your tech.

"Spring-cleaning your laptop and iPhone is like cleaning your closet," said Gene Richardson, COO of Experts Exchange, a leading online community of IT professionals, to MyDomaine. "You don't [necessarily] need a bigger space. … You simply need to get rid of what you're not using." When your computer is running slow, for example, this is a clear sign that you need to clear your cache, check your memory usage, and delete useless applications that are running in the background.

While it may seem tedious, decluttering your digital life is just as important as tidying your kitchen or bedroom—it allows your tech to run smoothly and even increases the value of your laptop and iPhone. "Start fresh by cleaning your browser caches, your cookies, and … unsubscribing from all unwanted emails," suggests Richardson. "Do this on your phone and tablet devices as well as your computer."

Aside from a software cleanse, your tech should also be cleaned from the outside on a regular basis. When you think of how often you use these devices, it's no surprise that keyboards and smartphones contain more germs than a toilet seat. Consider investing in some keyboard cleaner and electronic wipes, and make this a regular part of your cleaning routine. 

Do you clean your tech on the regular? Share your thoughts on Richardson's tips below!