Simple Ritual to Clear Your Space of Any Negativity

How to smudge your house
Christopher Dibble

Sometimes improving the energy in your home is more complicated than simply straightening up the one piece of artwork that has been hanging slightly off-centre since you moved in. Just like our bodies, our homes can fill up with negative energies and need a detox. Now, this doesn't mean going on a strict diet of no clutter. Giving your sanctuary the cleanse it needs is as easy as following an ancient ritual—burning white sage.

The practice of burning herbs is common to many cultures, and is one of the oldest methods of cleansing a person or space. We asked founder of the Venustus beauty and body lab Jeannie Bourke about the benefits of burning sage to clear unwanted energies in a space. "Each morning to ensure our store is ready for clients we clear the space with a ritual that is known as 'smudging'," she says. "You can use sage in your home or office space to clear any negative energy and cleanse the space to make room for your hopes, dreams and ambitions.” Start your cleansing ritual today and notice a calmness waft through your home. 

Keep scrolling to find out how to perform the ritual. 

One of the things Bourke recommends before you begin is to have a clear intention in mind. "You can literally say to yourself, 'I bless this house, I put loving energy into this space'," she suggests. 

  1. Take your bundled sage wand and light for a few seconds over a heatproof pot, then extinguish to a smoulder and let the smoke waft up.
  2. Wave the sage wand in all corners of your space, repeating your intention out loud. 
  3. Allow your wand to burn out (or extinguish in a pot of sand) and enjoy your cleansed space. 
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Would you consider using this ancient ritual to clear your home?

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