Watch Athena Calderone Show Us How to Make a Decadent Spring Frittata

There's one key difference between a chef and an entertainer, which we realized after a day in the kitchen with Eyeswoon founder Athena Calderone. Ask a chef to share their top brunch dish, and they'll likely sprout a laborious, time-consuming recipe; ask an entertainer, and you'll discover a dish you'll actually make on repeat.

That was certainly the case when we asked Calderone to share the go-to brunch dish from her first book, Cook Beautiful. Her Spinach and Goat Cheese Frittata hits the "sweet spot" for entertainers: It can be made in advance so you're ready when guests arrive, it's packed with seasonal vegetables to satiate an appetite, and it can be served straight from the skillet to make cleanup a breeze. Could you ask for more?

"I love to host a lot, and this recipe is so easy to put together then 'dress up' by throwing a bunch of bright, fresh herbs on top," she tells us when we meet in Brooklyn. It's also a dish she makes for her family. "It's so important to infuse protein into our diet and also vegetables, and this recipe does both."

Watch Athena Calderone show us how to make a decadent spring frittata, and then keep reading for the step-by-step guide.