How to Cook in an Airbnb: 11 Essential Tips

Photo: Belathée Photography for Katie Hackworth for H2 Design + Build

>Being a food lover and avid home cook, I love to experiencing another culture through the food, not just by eating out at the restaurants, but also by going to the local markets, shopping for ingredients, and taking them home to cook in a kitchen. It makes for some fun stories: I’ve whisked eggnog by hand in the sweltering heat of Buenos Aires at Christmastime. I’ve grilled lamb sausages on a rooftop in Brooklyn at sunset. I’ve made nachos at 4 a.m. in New Orleans. I’ve roasted fresh-caught whole fish on the beach in the Dominican Republic. Of course, being able to do this sort of cooking requires a kitchen, and this means that instead of staying in hotels, I often prefer to stay in a house, like an Airbnb or VRBO. In order to have a successful culinary adventure in an unfamiliar kitchen, however, you’ve got to make some preliminary arrangements. Here’s how to cook in a rental home like an Airbnb.

>Do you often cook in a rented house? What is your advice for making the most of your vacation kitchen time?