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How to Curate a Party Playlist

How to Curate a Party Playlist Everyone Will Enjoy

One of the hardest parts of hosting a party is creating an environment that guests not only enjoy, but feel involved in as well. To help make your friends and family feel involved, consider crafting a playlist that encompasses every guests' music taste.

It may seem easier to just put on one of your own playlists or give a guest permission to play their own tunes, but having a curated soundtrack for the night is one of the easiest ways to make every guest feel recognized.

Music tastes vary, which is why it's important to craft a playlist that encompasses a variety of genres. Only playing one album, artist, or style of music could alienate some guests.

Read on for tips on how to craft a playlist that will please your whole guest list.

1. Have Guests Share Their Top 3 Songs

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Give each guest the chance to contribute to your playlist by asking which songs they'd love to hear. But give them a limit. Asking for three songs will ensure that you'll receive a reasonable number of song suggestions, without giving anyone the chance to share hundreds of their favorite tunes.

2. Ask About Any "Don't Play" Songs

When DJs prep for weddings they always ask about the songs each couple never wants to hear at their reception. The same idea can be useful for just about any event. Next time you host a party, ask your invitees if there are any songs they absolutely don't want to hear and strike them from the playlist. You never know why someone might have an aversion to a specific song, so don't pry too much, butt keeping any unloved songs off the list will make your guests feel more at home.

3. Add In a Few Surprises

How to Curate a Party Playlist


Once you get a general feel for the music your guests like, take the time to find songs that feel similar but not the same. Adding a handful of tunes to the playlist that align with someone's music taste is a fun and interactive way to not only expand their music library, but encourage some conversation amongst guests as well.

If you feel at a loss when it comes to finding new music, simply google phrases like "music that sounds like 'X Band'" or look at the suggested songs on Spotify playlists.

4. Introduce Them to Something New

Hosting people at your home isn't an excuse to force them to listen to your favorite songs. That said, if you have a few tunes that you love, feel free to work them in to the playlist. Just make sure to balance them with more well-known songs so no one feels out-of-touch. In the end your guests may discover a new favorite song or artist.