How To: Customize Your Home

If you wait with baited breath for the latest shelter mag, keep up with a million design blogs, and constantly rearrange your living room, you may just be a decorator in disguise. DIY doesn't just apply to crafts, so put yourself in charge and customize your space with the help of these specialists. dh-how-to-customize-your-home-header-14
dh-how-to-customize-your-home-01 Make Your Own Floor Plan: This is a great place to start. Create a floor plan that matches your interior and play around with various furniture arrangements. You'll figure out what fits best before you find yourself moving that couch for the fifth time. Your back will thank us.
dh-how-to-customize-your-home-02 Built In Storage: Henrybuilt introduces Opencase, a new customizable storage solution. They offer options for your kitchen, living space, closet, and office. With integrated design services, you won't have to figure it out alone.
dh-how-to-customize-your-home-03 Frames and Matting: Upload your photograph and see how it looks in a number of different frames and matting options. Plus there's free shipping. Done and done.
dh-how-to-customize-your-home-04 Window Blinds and Drapery: There is such a thing as too many options. At The Shade Store, that's just not a problem. They've narrowed down drapery to eight choice styles, but given you a wide selection of fabrics to choose from.  They'll even send you free fabric swatches to test at home.
dh-how-to-customize-your-home-05 Rugs To Size: Your rug should be about the size of the area the furniture takes up, but sometimes that isn't 5x7 or 9x11. Customize to the inch with Room and Board and you'll notice a difference.
dh-how-to-customize-your-home-06 Lucite Furniture: With Plexi-Craft, you've got two options, you can customize their own designs, or give them a rough outline of what you're looking for and their design team will bring it to life at no extra cost.
dh-how-to-customize-your-home-07 Cushions To Size: Take those vintage chairs to the next level by making them as comfortable as their are striking. Cushion Source has options for both standard-sized and uniquely shaped furniture.