How to Cut a Cantaloupe in 6 Steps

how to cut a cantaloupe
Brooke Lark/Unsplash

Knowing how to cut a cantaloupe can seem like a daunting task at first glance, but the rewards are well worth it. There are a number of great reasons to slice into this fruit, including high doses of vitamins A, C, and K. But perhaps the best reason is its refreshingly sweet, surprisingly versatile flavor that’s especially yummy during the summer. Cantaloupe is even popping up in some of our favorite new cocktails, like the frozen cantaloupe margarita. But before you can experience all that this delectable fruit has to offer, you have to know how to properly slice it.

Read on to learn how to cut a cantaloupe in just six easy steps.

1. Gather Your Supplies

To cut a cantaloupe properly, you’ll need a clean, flat surface (like a cutting board) and a high-quality knife. While any sharp knife should be able to get the job done, you may prefer to opt for a serrated knife that will easily slice through the tough rind of the cantaloupe. You’ll also want a large metal spoon that can be used to remove the pulp and seeds.

2. Cut Off the Top and Bottom

Make sure the cantaloupe is positioned securely on its side by pressing firmly down on it with the palm of your nondominant hand. Slice about one inch off the top and the bottom, and do your best to keep the cuts parallel.

3. Slice in Half

Once the top and bottom are removed, the next step is to divide and conquer. Place the cantaloupe upright on its top or bottom (now flat) end and slice evenly down the middle.

4. Scoop Out Seeds

At the center of a cantaloupe is a soft, pulpy area where the seeds are located. Using your spoon, gently scoop out this section of the fruit from both halves.

5. Cut Your Halves Into Quarters

Once you’re left with just the fruit and the rind, place each half of the cantaloupe upside down on the cutting board. Carefully cut these sections in half again, creating quarter wedges.

6. Slice Into Pieces

Working through one quarter at a time, place each cantaloupe wedge face-up and make vertical slices about one inch apart, stopping the knife just as you come into contact with the rind. Next, carefully slide your knife between the fruit and the interior of the rind, releasing the cantaloupe into neat, individual pieces. Once you master this cutting technique, give this mouthwatering cantaloupe and prosciutto recipe a try.

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